Level E with Q: Improv Comedy FUNdamentals

$100 usd
Sun Jan 6, 6:30 PM - Sun Feb 17, 8:30 PM (HST)

Join Quinton Loder in the first level of this all-new FIVE LEVELED Improv Theatre series in West Hawaii!

In “Level E”, adults ages 18+ will look under the hood of the wondrous, and sometimes intimidating, improvised theatre.
As a group, adults will explore how to build entertaining scenes that provide a sense of accomplishment through performing. You’ll fully grasp what “yes, and..” means and how to apply it, focus on active listening, and being in the moment. Best of all, the class revs up to a celebration performance open to your friends and family to see what you can do!

Insider info: These classes haven’t been officially announced yet, but once you’ve completed the prerequisite “Level E” course, you’ll advance to “Level D: Intro to Long Form (a study of the Harold)”, followed by “Level C: Intro to Short Form (a study of short form performance games)” all the way up to the A-team of Improvisers! Get in on the start of something big in West Hawaii, and improve your improv!

Please wear toe-covered shoes and bring a water bottle.

Quinton Loder

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