Level 5 Improv: The Rise of A Troupe

$100 usd
Sun Mar 1, 6:30 PM - Sat Apr 11, 9:00 PM (HST)
Aloha Theatre, 79-7384 Mamalahoa Highway, Kealakekua, Hawaii, United States  

It’s time to take everything you learned in Improv 1-4, and bring it to the big stage!
Join Quinton Loder in the final level of professional Improv Theatre training in West Hawaii!

This series will take everything learned in Levels 1-4, and apply it in a performance-based setting!

“Level 5” features two “intensive” sessions- featuring advanced games, personal feedback, and understanding how to “stand out” on the stage while being a respectful improv teammate. There will be 5 showcase performances for the community to attend, with an opportunity to give audience feedback to better understand “your audience”.

To register for this course, students must have completed “Level 1 Improv: Comedy FUNdamentals” , “Level 2 Improv: Intro to Long Form Styles”, “Level 3: Intro to Short Form Styles”, and “Level 4: Long, Real, and Short”.

Insider info: This is the fourth series of a prerequisite course. Once the prerequisite “Level 1” has been completed, you’ll advance to “Level 2: Intro to Long Form (a study of the Harold)”, followed by “Level 3: Intro to Short Form (a study of short-form performance games)” all the way up to the top tier of Big Island improvisers! Get in on the funny stuff in West Hawaii, and improve your improv!

All participants MUST wear toe-covered shoes and are encouraged to bring a water bottle. The five showcase performances will be held for the public in March/April at the Aloha Theatre.

Quinton Loder

Aloha Theatre, 79-7384 Mamalahoa Highway, Kealakekua, Hawaii, United States
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